Welcome to Medley’s Automotive and Truck Repair Service website. We’ve been in operation since 1944. Since then, Medley’s has specialized in repairing suspensions for every make and model truck and car. We’re proud of our ability to adapt to whatever each customer needs, and we’re confident that we have the expertise, equipment and industry know-how to not just meet your expectations, but leave you completely satisfied. If your engine is giving you trouble or you’re hearing grinding noises from the brakes, or any other troubling noise or odor, you can bring it right to us and we’ll take care of it for you completely, with no worry on your end!

Whether you need repairs on off-road equipment, crane booms, backhoes or any other heavy equipment type, we have you covered. It’s been more than 70 years since Medley’s first started the family business, and in that time we’ve gained an expertise in the field that few other companies can claim, including all of the latest, cutting-edge practices and equipment. That’s how you know for sure that we have the experience that you can count on!

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